According to the Oxford dictionary,  the word Religion is a noun which means belief in a superhuman controlling power, especially in a personal God or gods entitled to obedience and worship. Our contact address </p><p>The definition points to the fact that religion is a matter mainly of belief or faith. People used to have some kind of belief of faith on something in their mind. But the question is - how much are we aware of our faith? Most of the people around the world are actually not aware enough of their faith, though they are so called followers – no matter Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims or even atheists. People usually fail to establish or to support their belief, even though many of them think themselves men of logic or science.</p><p>However, "faith" is something more than tradition and culture. If a man is rational, logical and honest enough, then his "deeds" must be in sync with his "belief". The opposite scenario of that is called hypocrisy. So every rational human being must have a faith to lead himself no matter atheism, polytheism or monotheism. And that is what conscious people around the world are trying to do, though the number is too small.</p><p>Now comes the point that what he believes is it true or not. Being an intelligent creature, men forecast on so many factors in the way of life for living. But those whose forecasts become true or close to the truth, they are called wise. The rest of the others are treated as fools. So, one should not get stopped as long as he doesn’t meet the truth and put his faith on that. love